They trust us

More than 120 start-ups, VSEs or SMEs have trusted AbiStart for their  business development . Our clients are mainly design offices and service companies in the following sectors:

  • Energy
  • Building
  • Aeronautics
  • Environment
  • New technologies
  • Engineering computer Science
  • Biotechnology
  • Digital communication
  • etc…
As part of the launch of a new commercial offer, I trusted AbiStart in the implementation of a strategy and a commercial action plan and thus prospecting. What convinced me: the dual engineering and sales skills. I have been working with Nathaniel for a year now, who comes to work every week from our offices in Suresnes. 
He has organized more than 90 meetings for us and he is also the one who ensures their follow-up. Several have been converted to repeat customers.
I have also entrusted AbiStart with the recruitment of technical sales profiles. It’s a very nice collaboration that has taken place and we still have a lot of things to do together.

Jean-Baptiste B. - President

Energy and environment engineering company 
Company specializing in studies and engineering in the field of energy and fluids as part of environmental initiatives for the building sector. 

Mission:  Business consulting, Manager and Business engineer

Numerical simulation engineering company
Company offering open source solutions for numerical simulation (CFD, hydraulics, aerodynamics, thermal, mechanical, multiphysics, etc.). The manager wishes to develop his activity in the aeronautics, energy, automotive and environnemental sectors. 

Mission:  Business consulting, Business engineer

Abistart offers ideal support for a small structure like ours in the development phase.

Fabien, working as a consultant one day a week, is now fully part of the team: he fully understood our offer, in all its technical and commercial dimensions, and was able very quickly to secure relevant appointments. He accompanies me regularly to appointments and helps me to make the speech more effective.

Thanks to his experience and his pragmatic approach, far from big rhetoric and focused on results, he has made himself indispensable and his collaboration is invaluable in the ongoing definition of new areas of growth.

Thanks to AbiStart for this efficient and quality support. 

Renan H. - General Manager

Not mastering the techniques related to prospecting, we called AbiStart.
The team was able to take the time to understand our offer and bring it as best as possible to our prospects. 
AbiStart was able to provide us with very well targeted meetings with proposals for immediate collaboration. They also intervened by accompanying us to appointments. 
It is therefore logical that we have renewed our confidence in AbiStart by extending our contract.

David P. - President

Engineering company specializing in IT security 

Consulting company specializing in IT security, offering audits, the implementation of internal and external security tools as well as training.  

Mission:  Business consulting, Business engineer

Engineering consulting company 
Consulting and engineering company specializing in controlling industrial risks and operating safety in the Oil & Gas sector, the environment and industry. 

Mission:  Business consulting, Business engineer

Following the departure of my business engineer, I wanted to outsource my business development. Among other things, this has the advantage of having a person dedicated to the commercial activities of my company without being part of the workforce, which limits the risks in the event that the development of activities is not taking place. 

As a manager of my company and also a consulting engineer, my available time was very limited. I therefore needed a business engineer capable of maintaining continuous commercial activity and of meeting prospects to bring my offer in industrial risk management. 

After looking at the existing offers on the market, I chose to work with AbiStart because Fabien, who was my consultant, is an engineer and already had real knowledge of the energy sector and of risk management.
Today, the results are positive, it makes very good meetings and we regularly win business with new customers (Suez, Tractebel, Frangaz…).

It’s a very pleasant and fruitful collaboration!

Arnaud V. - President

We made the decision in 2016 to step up the conquest of certain targets and asked ABISTART to build up a nominative database of target functions among the selected players.

After nearly a hundred meetings in 2017, the observation is eloquent of relevance and sensitivity to the relationship with these sensitive targets for our company. 

Prospects very often congratulate us on the quality of our telephone approach and it is clear that the people we meet are quite in the profile sought. 

In addition, ABISTART knows how to provide a valuable approach to consolidate the relationship so that the first physical meetings generate the reminders necessary for future requests according to the calendar of these prospects. 

We are signing with ABISTART for 2018 and 2019!

Thierry LG. - General Manager

Building services company 
Consulting company operating in the field of construction and renovation / demolition of buildings through health, measurement and energy. 

Mission:  Business consulting, Business engineer

Company specializing in data science
Company which designs, develops and markets a predictive tool for the fight against fraud based on artificial intelligence algorithms.

Mission: Business consulting, Manager and Business engineer

We have entrusted AbiStart with the generation of our leads. Very quickly, Fabien and his team were able to appropriate the technicality of our Artificial Intelligence solution. 

The generated appointments are of excellent quality and AbiStart is an appropriate choice. We see the team as an integral part of our company. It is a dynamic, pleasant and results-oriented team that I recommend to structures which do not have the means to internalize or who wish to boost their prospecting.

Jean-Michel P. - Business Partner